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A Loxone Smart Home knows exactly what to do. It knows to open your blinds at a certain time in the morning, your preferred lighting moods when you’re cooking, entertaining, or just relaxing. It plays the music you each want to hear – even if it is something different in each room. It makes sure every room is always at the perfect temperature.


Loxone can help you increase the energy-efficiency of your home


Should you wish to manually interact with your home, you can do so from just one simple point of control


What is Home Automation?

A home with Loxone Home Automation is essentially 

a Smart Home

It is a home which takes care of itself, so you

have more time for life.

All under one roof


As a Loxone expert installer, we deal with everything from initial planning consultations through to wiring and programming - all tailored to your requirements.


Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

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